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Touch typing

Touch typing, or blind typing, is a typing method in which a person does not look at the keyboard and uses all 10 fingers. At the same time, people develop their muscle memory to remember the location of needed keys.

Actually, that is one of the important skills that increase human's productivity while he's working. The method of blind typing is without a doubt is better than 2-finger typing, because it doesn't require looking on keyboard, what increases human's efficiency and reduces some typist's efforts.

Why should you learn blind typing

It dramatically increases the speed and quality of your workflow. That is important for every writer, software engineer, copyrighter and even for social media person.

The advantages

Typing Speed

Your typing typing speed will be increasing. Depending on your training, you will be able to type from 200 to 400 cpm (characters per minute), which significantly reduces the complexity of any task and reduces the time expenses.


You will make fewer mistakes and typos in texts using touch typing. Focusing on the words rather than on the keys increases concentration and accuracy.

Convenience and Health

Take online typing test wherever you are. Notebook and a bit of free time are all you need for practice.You will be able to use blind typing even in a poorly lighted room and will be less tired from working at the computer. No need to look from the keyboard to the display and back. This protects vision, supports the muscle tone of the neck and posture, and the use of all 10 fingers has a beneficial effect on the joints. This type of training will dramatically improve and strengthen your typing skills.

Typing Test

If you want to learn blind typing and increase your typing speed, you should regularly practice writing words, phrases and texts. To do this, you can use online typing test in where you'll be able to evaluate your wpm and cpm.

It requires to spent maximum 30 minutes in a day during certain period of time to have necessary typing skills. has several dictionaries to train words of different language and complexity. If you are able to type main 1000 language words, you will type other words with acquired skills at the same level.

About Test

You can also take a wpm test in different modes such the words, time and quote. Also, after every test you can check your wpm, cpm, accuracy stats, misspelled keys and word history with all misspelled and corrected letters. Nevertheless, you are allowed to do a typing test based on the words which you've made a mistake in.

Besides, test is imitating a real process of typing with fixing mistakes option and cursor that indicates current letter.

It also has such features as smooth caret, scale timer, comfort design, language, punctuation choice and keyboard with different keymaps and hands with fingers pointing on needed key for different layouts.

Keyboard has different optional layout that are synchronize with hand's fingers.

Typing Lessons

If you want to have a consistent and stable process of learning of the blind typing method, you can use lessons. This lesson's list has a beginner, intermediate and advanced level groups and every lesson from beginner group is directing student/typist to train specific keys. For example, during E and I lesson the student will train E and I keys that will be used in generated words and after that the keys will be typed together with other learned keys for training of different symbol combinations.

This is one of the most effective ways of getting typing skills. After completing all of the lessons, its common practice to use the received knowledge in typing tests.

Typing Practice

Typing practice is another method of increasing people's speed and strengthen blind typing skills. It's presented by different interesting test modes and one of them works on the principle "No mistakes" what means user will end up the test only if he made no mistakes. If a letter is misspelled the whole word will be added to the end of word collection. Thus, the amount of words will increase in such extent as your mistakes grow.

The typing mode ensure great way of developing and improving your typing skills and increasing your speed.